We are the Cobb family – Joanna and Paul, our children Jessie and William, our two Jack Russell dogs Daisy and Stanley and our ponies Toto and Gambit.  We bought Swinmoor Farm in 2010 and set about a very comprehensive set of renovations to all the buildings and a regeneration of the land. We farm sheep and poultry and are proud of the beautiful and varied wildlife that has been encourage under our careful farming and environmental practices.  We work hard to keep the overall aesthetics attractive and immaculate, planting over 30,000 Spring bulbs on the verges of the lanes, keeping fences and hedges maintained and giving our stock the best possible quality of life here and making it a wonderful haven for birds, animals and people alike.

We have made many improvements to the whole site and farm from our purchase in 2010 and it no longer is the typical farm with lots of mud! Edges, tarmac and grass are the order of the day here.

Originally The Lodge was a small bungalow in what is now the carport. We purchased the property in 2016 and immediately re-modelled it. We kept the original bungalow and turned it into the carport/gym and landscaped the grounds and initially let it, then in February 2020, we decided to create a holiday home here.

It has been our project during the lockdown of Covid-19 to design and furnish it to the highest standard. Taking our time to select individual pieces of furniture and furnishings has ensured we could create a truly original home for you to enjoy.

We purchased Garden Cottage and Swinmoor House in January 2021 from our lovely neighbour Jill who had lived here for 38 years. She is an artist and used to teach print making classes from here. When she wanted to downsize and move closer to her children she asked if we would be interested in buying and of course we were! During the second Covid-19 lockdown we set about improving the 6 acres first, initially repairing hedges and installing all new fences and gates.

We extended and remodelled Garden Cottage and changed the layout in Swinmoor House, improving the heating, windows and flooring, exposing original features and came up with exquisite designs for décor and furnishings.

Swinmoor Luxury Holiday Homes

Farm & Other Property

We have a flock of Texel X ewes here at Swinmoor, during your stay you may see our shepherd Mark moving them from one field to another with the quad or his sheepdog Joe.

Cobb Estates has an impressive portfolio of property across Herefordshire and operates both poultry and sheep enterprises from our farm.

The properties range from houses in multiple occupation offering well appointed, manageable shared accommodation for working professionals in the city centre, to city based family homes.

The farm is a compact 35 acres around the homestead, with an additional 30 acres of rented ground locally. From this through a comprehensive programme of nutrition through our sister company Cobb Agri we can maintain a healthy Texel X flock of 250 ewes, with a lambing rate of 190%. We also operate a 150,000 bird poultry site, placing locally to Avara.

Developments of the above in-house projects have taken place over the past 20 years, with our focus on aesthetics and quality throughout all we do.

In our business Cobb Agri we help a wide range of farmers across our region with soil nutrition, this helps them grow a wonderful variety of local produce such as all arable crops, potatoes, asparagus, strawberries, cider fruit, free range eggs, hops as well as lamb, beef and dairy cattle.